The UVS Randolph office is located just off of VT Interstate 89.

Pleasant Street Home is a Level 3 licensed facility which serves three individuals with medical needs. It is a fully staffed home and has nursing supervision.

Office Location

2281 VT Rt. 66
Randolph, VT 05060

Phone & Fax

Telephone: 802.728.4476
Fax: 802.728.6741
Randolph Staff
Dawn Kearon
Program Director
    Shawna Doyle
    EHR Quality Specialist
      Cheryl Frazier
      DS & Comforts of Home Service Coordinator
        Michelle Dindo
        Administrative Director
          Dawn Abdelfatah
          Comforts of Home Service Coordinator
            Jon Geddes
            Service Coordinator
              Sheila Nichols-Gibbs
              Service Coordinator
                Michaela Bohnyak
                Intake/Children & Family Services & Service Coordinator
                  Joshua Bertini-Malette
                  Service Coordinator
                    Cathy Hull
                    Service Coordinator