A Designated Agency Serving Disabled and Aging Vermonters SUPPORT. Upper Valley Services is a non-profit agency supporting people with Developmental Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, and community based placements for people otherwise eligible for nursing home care. Explore. Browse the menu to learn more about the Services and Supports available from Upper Valley Services.

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Welcome. This is Upper Valley Services.

Upper Valley Services provides opportunity and assistance to families and individuals enabling them to safely live, work and maintain relationships within their communities.


Upper Valley Services is one of Vermont’s Designated non-profit agencies serving people who are developmentally disabled, people who are eligible for Adult Family Home placement under Vermont’s Choices for Care program, and people eligible for services under Vermont’s Traumatic Brain Injury program. Upper Valley Services’ programs are based in Bradford, Randolph, and Moretown, Vermont.


Both employment and home provider opportunities will be listed for each of UVS’ three program locations along with downloadable applications for Employment, Home Provider application for our Developmental Disabilities program, and Home Provider Application for or Adult Family Home program which goes by the name Vermont Comforts of Home.


Each of Upper Valley’s locations offer an array of supports that are designed to assist individuals to live successfully within their local communities. Choosing the Supports and Services tab will provide a description of the types of services offered through each UVS location.


The Vermont Crisis Intervention Program is a state-wide resource for support of individuals and their teams who may be struggling with maintaining a supportive and stable program. Access to this program is controlled by the Vermont Department of Aging and Independent Living. The VCIN tab offers information about how this program is designed and operated.

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To participate in a program offered by Upper Valley Services, an individual must meet the eligibility requirements for the State of Vermont. Under this tab, links to the eligibility requirements for each program area will be found, along with phone numbers to obtain more information about how to apply for services.


Links to other organizations both in Vermont and elsewhere, references, and reading materials which will be updated from time to time.
Our Mission
UVS empowers people to enhance their quality of life by creating individualized and inclusive communities.

Financial contributions to Upper Valley Services are tax deductible.

Upper Valle Services Vermont Mission Statement

Community Partners
Vermont Crisis Intervention Network VCIN
Global Campuses Foundation
Vermont Comforts of Home
Vermont Care Partners

Vermont Crisis Intervention Network is a state-wide resource for support of individuals and their teams who may be struggling with maintaining a supportive and stable program.

Global Campuses Foundation provides advanced learning opportunities for adults with differing abilities worldwide.

Vermont Comforts of Home works to develop community-based options of care for people requiring a nursing home level of support.

Vermont Care Partners facilitated the provision of services for nearly 5000 Vermont residents receiving behavioral health and developmental services

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